A Podcast for women, by women. Women who are looking to support each other’s individual success – through community.

Through the STC Podcast, we are providing listeners with a chance to learn the stories behind other women in business. Speaking to female solopreneurs and talking through their successes, struggles, and celebrations. We’ve all heard it takes a village to raise a child, we believe this is also true to build a successful business.

Our hope is to help listeners build their community, grow their businesses, and go from overwhelmed to empowered through authentic connection!

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Season 2 Announcement: Community Exchange

Kat Marie: Just get it done and put it out there.

Sandra Colton-Medici: Negotiate your energy and your time to work for you.

Heather Boddy: Without community support, my business wouldn’t exist.

Lori Baker: You have to have the passion to connect.

Erin McAndrew: It would be boring if we were just successful overnight.

 Molly Arnott: One way or another, I am passionate about helping people.

Community Has, Hands Down, Been the Lifeline

Business Owners are NOT One Size Fits All

Don’t Get Stuck in Someday

Kindred Spirits and Natural Transgressions

Celebrate with us!

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