Join us on our first episode where we talk about the STC Podcast, the ITAV Mastermind, and where and why it all began!

As we finally admit that we have never really met each other outside of zoom! And how, even though we live on opposite sides of the border and don’t hang out in the “same circles” we both felt an immediate connection.

Listen as we discuss how relationships and community can happen both organically or through hard work, and how both are great and require intention. As we provide insight into our businesses and personal relationships.

In this very first episode we touch on our flagship mastermind, It Takes A Village Solopreneur Mastermind, and how it has become a big part of our community. By using the hive-mind method, where each person that joins us is equally invested in the success of the others, our community has grown larger than we could have expected.

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Success Through Community Podcast Episode 1

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