Kelly L. Gabel: Business Owners are NOT One Size Fits All | Episode 03

STC Co-Host Kelly Gabel is in the hot seat this episode! It is always amazing to sit down and find out new things about people you know and love. The opportunity to interview Kelly was a lot of fun and eye-opening! She is articulate, smart, and really knows her tech – even if she can’t fix my cell phone.

Kelly is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who runs the show solo! This is why she is so dedicated to empowering other female entrepreneurs to be able to know and understand the basics of business tech. Kelly is proof that being a “solopreneur” doesn’t have to be hard. Especially when you have community support and have your tech stack simplified. Listen to this episode and learn more about Kelly and how she felt alone and had very little support to finding her niche and her success through community.

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About Joelene

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur with 2 thriving companies that fuel my passion every day! I started my photography business 20+ years ago and my coaching business in 2016. Photography has become my side hustle while coaching has become my passion. I help women start and grow a viable online coaching business by simplifying the business startup, so they can reach their dreams.

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