We are super excited and a little bit nervous. (Well, Joelene is nervous, Kelly is a rock…)

Why – you ask? Because we are entering a new phase of our partnership! One that is going to help more women with their business journey and bring the community that we dreamed of building to a much larger audience!

No seriously. What to know how?


Everything is currently in the works, but seeing as today is International Podcast Day, we thought it was the perfect day to tell everyone.

Here is what we can share today:

Our Podcast Mission

The STC podcast is a podcast for women, by women. Women who are looking to support each other’s individual success through community.

Through the STC Podcast, we are providing listeners with a chance to learn the stories behind other women in business. Speaking to female solopreneurs and talking through their successes, struggles, and celebrations. We’ve all heard it takes a village to raise a child, we believe this is also true to build a successful business.

Our hope is to help listeners build their community, grow their businesses, and go from overwhelmed to empowered through authentic connection!

We are looking for guests!

Would you like to be on the podcast? We are looking for female entrepreneurs, coaches, and creators to be on our podcast. There may be an opportunity to train/speak with our exclusive mastermind members and our free Facebook community as well..

We do not have specific topic requests, as we are looking to know more about you, your business and how community has helped you grow.

If you are interested in more details please email us with your information/media kit at support(at)successthroughcommunity.com

We are looking to BE guests!

Kelly and I would like to support you and your community and would love to collaborate with other amazing female business owners!

Please note, we are not interested in preaching or training but rather, sharing our story. Sharing how finding the right support system can help any business grow. How having a community can change your life and your business. How no one has to go through the struggles of entrepreneurship alone.

If you would like to learn more about how we can collaborate and have us as guests, please reach out, via email at support(at)successthroughcommunity.


We are very excited about this new adventure and are hoping you are going to join us on the journey.