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And make the sale!

When I started on my entrepreneurial journey as a heart-lead, service-based coach and mentor, I had the absolute wrong understanding of my role in my relationship with my customers. I don’t know about you, but I certainly viewed my customer(s) as the “damsel in distress” who needed me to come along and save the day.

I couldn’t understand why none of my content was attracting the customers that I knew were out there!

This week on the podcast, we’re talking about Donald Miller’s book, “Building a StoryBrand” and the first time I listened to this book, I was not prepared for how completely he would turn my mindset and marketing on their head.

Wait…you mean I’m not the hero of this story? 😜

Once I understood my true role, as the Guide…the Yoda/Dumbledore/Gandalf/(insert your favorite fandom Guide here), things started to become so much clearer!

I realized that this approach was so much more aligned with my purpose as well! It’s not my passion to do things for my customers, it’s my mission to empower them to take control.

Isn’t that exactly what those Guides from our favorite epic tales are always doing?

How would you approach your business differently if you saw yourself as the Guide helping your customers become the heroes they were always meant to be?

I challenge you to look at things differently at: https://www.mystorybrand.com/

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