Today on the podcast we are talking to Women’s Empowerment and Confidence Coach Sandy Bartlett, who is a hidden gem in the online world! She is committed to helping women become more confident and comfortable in who they truly are.

Listen as we talk about how common it is for women to struggle with using their voice with confidence, and how many women hesitate when it comes to investing in themselves. Some of us even fall back on asking for permission from others, before moving forward with self-care. A common thread upon which so many women hang.

Sandy wants to pull that thread, change the world and make a difference! She is very passionate about helping others live their best life with confidence and it shows through in this interview.

Sandy helps women THRIVE! She works with busy women who are exhausted, carrying extra pounds and living up to everyone else’s expectations but their own. She helps them silence their inner critic, love themselves unconditionally, regain their self-worth and holistically level up their life so they can thrive and live a joy-filled life.

THRIVE = transform, heal, restore, impact, visualize and empower.

We are what we eat, think, believe, feel, and breathe. Together, with Sandy, you will silence your inner critic and be the confident, strong woman you were created to be!

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