Planning and Strategizing in Your Business

from Patrick Bet-David’s Your Next Five Moves

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Are you looking far enough ahead in your business?

If you have listened to this week’s episode yet, then it’s no secret that I wasn’t a huge fan of Patrick’s style or even some of his philosophy, but that doesn’t mean we don’t all have something to learn from what he has to say!

So, what does Bet-David say are the next 5 moves you should be making in your business?

1. Move One: Master Knowing Yourself

This is all about knowing and understanding your goals, your Why, and what sets you apart.

2. Move Two: Master the Ability to Reason

This is about creative problem-solving and strong decision-making skills.

3. Move Three: Master Building the Right Team

Don’t automatically discount this if you are a Solopreneur like me. While it’s true that we aren’t building a team in the same way he is talking about, all successful Solopreneurs have a community around them that supports them. Creating or finding the right community is key.

4. Move Four: Master Strategy to Scale

Patrick’s point here is focused on how to hold your team accountable, but as a Solopreneur, is this still important?  YES! If you don’t figure out how to hold yourself accountable, you are going to struggle to scale your business or achieve your goals.

5. Move Five: Master Power Plays

I think this Move might just be the most important for us as Solopreneurs. While the term Power Play might not resonate with you (I know it doesn’t with me!), the basis of this Move is about how to compete with the “big guys” in your industry. You are going to come up against well-established and well-funded competitors all the time. Having a strategy for handling this could just be the difference between massive success, or closing your doors.

This is just a high-level summary of what Patrick Bet-David dives into in The Next Five Moves and if any of these Moves intrigue you, you might just want to grab the book for yourself!

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