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The Power of Focus: Unlocking Your Full Potential

In our latest podcast, we talked about intention and what drives it, inspired by Christine Kane’s book, The Soul Sourced Entrepreneur. Simply put:

Driving From: This type of intention arises from undesired circumstances. Imagine being unhappy in your job—your frustration becomes the catalyst for change. Christine compares this to navigating a maze: hitting a dead end forces you to find a new path.

Driving Toward: This driver is all about clear goals and new ideas. It’s the excitement of dreaming, “What if I started my own business?”

To clearly explain intention, Christine uses a rowboat metaphor: with “driving from,” you’re rowing away from the shore you left behind, while “driving toward” means facing forward, confidently heading into the unknown.

Both directions are valid. The key is committing to action, whether you’re escaping a situation or pursuing a new vision.

Reflecting on your own journey, which type of intention resonates with you more: “driving from” or “driving toward”? How has this perspective shaped your decisions and actions in your business or personal life?

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