Mastering the Art of Micro Habits

A Guide to Sustainable Change

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The key to success is embracing the concept of "micro habits"

In the hustle of our daily lives, creating positive habits can seem like a daunting task. However, the key to success might lie in embracing the concept of “micro habits,” as we learned in last week’s podcast, when we talked about James Clear’s Atomic Habits.

We learned that rather than diving headfirst into drastic lifestyle changes, Clear suggests taking it slow and steady. For instance, if your goal is to do 100 pushups daily, start with just 5 pushups in the first week and gradually increase the count each subsequent week. The beauty of micro habits lay in their simplicity and short time commitment, making them more sustainable in the long run.

These tiny habits serve as a powerful tool to build momentum towards your larger goals. Rather than fixating on the intimidating end result, focus on the achievable tasks for the day. Looking at the pushups example, as you grow stronger, you’ll find it easier to increase your reps, propelling you toward your ultimate objective.

We also talked about aother effective strategy called ‘habit stacking.’ This involves pairing a new habit you want to adopt with an existing, well-established habit. For example, while sipping your morning coffee (old habit), dedicate a few minutes to reading 5 pages in a book (new habit). This book could be anything from personal development to Atomic Habits itself (which both Kelly and I recommend) – the key is to align it with your interests.

By incorporating habit stacking into your routine, you leverage existing habits to kickstart new ones. Whether it’s adding a push-up routine, journaling, or creating a to-do list, tying these activities to established habits creates a seamless integration into your daily life.

To track and solidify your progress, consider journaling. I say this because it worked for me. By establishing a personalized morning routine I set the tone for my day and it helped instill the micro habits I wanted to create. You don’t have to journal, though, popular morning routine ideas could be meditation, spiritual or personal development reading, exercise, yoga, and various forms of writing.

While adjusting to an earlier wake-up time might be challenging initially, it too can become a micro habit integrated into your daily routine, especially if coupled with an earlier bedtime. The key is to tailor your morning routine to suit your needs, making it a powerful tool to jumpstart your day and create a lasting and positive change.

So, why not start small, embrace the power of micro habits, and gradually build the life you envision—one tiny step at a time?

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