January 9, 2024

Episode 206: Unveiling Authenticity

Lessons from ‘The Art of Acting’ By Stella Adler

Stella Adler's the Art of Acting book cover

🚨 This episode contains some explicit language.🚨

Show Notes

🚨 This episode contains some explicit language because Joelene has zero self control and was caffeine deprived! 🚨

In this empowering episode, we explore the transformative insights from “The Art of Acting” by Stella Adler. There is a parallel between acting and being an entrepreneur, join us as we dive into the essence of authenticity, vulnerability, and storytelling in the entrepreneurial journey. Tune in for a dose of wisdom and camaraderie as we navigate the exciting terrain of entrepreneurship together!

Resources & Links

Buy the Book in the U.S.:
Stella Adler – The Art of Acting, Howard Kissel

Buy the Book in CA:
Stella Adler – The Art of Acting, Howard Kissel

Additional Links discussed:

Paul Rudd in Romeo & Juliet

Paul Rudd in Clueless

Additional Podcasts Mentioned:

Armchair EXPERT (Paul Rudd Episode-because Paul Rudd)

The Candace Cameron Bure Podcast

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