Daring Greatly

Pushing Past the Fear and Finding Wholeheartedness

It's time to stop believing you are not enough...

As women, we’re constantly bombarded with this ridiculous ideal of all the things we “should” be. (boy do I hate that word…”should”)

Adoring wife, attentive mother, dutiful daughter, social butterfly, successful business owner (overnight success, no less!), amazing chef, interior decorator, perfect body, wrinkle-free, not a hair out of place, effortless fashionista, basically…superwoman.

The moment we don’t measure up in any of these areas (or many others I didn’t list), we hear about it. Whether it’s the gremlins in our heads or the trolls on the internet, the fear that we aren’t good enough, that we are lacking in some capacity, is quick to appear. Sometimes, even when we are all of these things, but someone else just is them…better (never true, by the way…all things are relative), these same feelings of inferiority rear their ugly head.

There are so many things I love about Brenè’s book, ‘Daring Greatly’ and so many reasons why I chose it for my first book of the new podcast format.

She tackles this idea head-on and with such grace. She gives us so many methods with which to recognize and combat these feelings the moment they appear. 

The one thing I want to talk about here (and for the rest, you’ll just have to go listen to the episode!) is her perspective on the battle between scarcity and abundance.

Besides the absolute Truth that we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made”, she reminds us that this pursuit of abundance that so many are touting on social media (especially the women business mentors…and can we please stop that ladies?!) is not only toxic, it’s also inaccurate. 

If your target is abundance the needle will never stop moving. 

You will never actually be able to achieve that goal because no matter how much you gain, there will always be…more.

When we shift our focus toward pursuing Wholeheartedness rather than abundance, we will find that our only path forward is gratitude, and that the only achievement that truly matters, is pure joy.


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