The Power of Focus: Unlocking Your Full Potential

Can a High 5 Change Your Life?

Why is it that we give the people around us so much grace but we struggle to do the same for ourselves? 

Imagine what you could achieve if you weren’t wasting so much energy being hard on yourself for every little thing you don’t like about yourself.

That’s essentially what Mel Robbins is saying in her book High Five Habit

I love the way that she doesn’t mince words. She recognizes that the things we need to do to improve our relationship with ourselves are really simple…not easy, but simple. 

She doesn’t waste time overcomplicating them.

She does, however, explain the science and psychology behind it which, I think, is why her books tend to be so much more impactful even though what she’s saying isn’t necessarily unique. 

We’re told all the time that self-talk matters and it’s important to take care of ourselves, but her explanations of why we are the way we are, make it so much easier for us to follow the simple steps she lays out to actually change our relationship with ourselves.

While the physical High Five in the mirror habit didn’t really do it for me, the concept behind it has helped me to start being more intentional about which thoughts I entertain and which I tell to “shut up and go away”.

Give our episode a listen to learn more about it and then check out the book for yourself!

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