Answering the Call to Create

Listening that Voice and taking action!

A few months before the world stopped...

I had already started to feel like the business I had successfully built over the past decade (I was a singing coach, specializing in helping singers audition for musical theater 🎶) wasn’t the right fit for me. 

Singing has always been a passion of mine and as I honed my skills in that challenging process of auditions, I wanted to use what I had learned to help other singers succeed. Honestly, that business started as organically as any business can. My first student asked me for help before I had ever even thought of providing the service and word of mouth spread quickly. 

It wasn’t until I wanted to grow my business intentionally that I started to realize how hard it is to run a business by myself.

Managing the first few students wasn’t hard, but as things grew, I realized that something needed to change in order for me to keep up! I’ve always been good with computers (thanks, Dad!) so I started learning about email marketing and automation. This was back in the early 2000’s so…long before even MailChimp was a household name. 

By the time Covid hit, I had already turned my 1:1 coaching program into an online course that singers could take at their own pace and Build the Audition Book of their dreams.

As a ton of new women started online businesses during the pandemic, I could feel a pull to a completely new business. 

Working with singers was always fun for me, but my impact was pretty limited. I want to leave a legacy of massive impact when my time on this Earth is over.

That’s when my focus shifted to helping those burgeoning businesswomen maintain balance as they make their impact!

Just think of the potential ripple effect!

Jumping from the relative safety of my successful business into this completely red ocean (IYKYK 😉) was a big risk, but my Faith is my compass and I could feel God’s hand in this decision.

I still haven’t reached the same level of success with this new business yet, but because I know I am answering the Call, I am confident that I am headed in the right direction.

From our desk to yours.

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