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View each challenge from 6 perspectives

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"Challenges are Inevitable"

In business, we run across challenges all the time. 

In The Unsold Mindset, Colin and Garrett talk about an approach to these challenges called the 6 Hat Theory.

This theory has been around for years, but I really appreciated it being a part of a book about sales because it forced me to think about viewing challenges from 6 different perspectives.

Let me break down the 6 Hats for you here:

Blue Hat: Think Broadly This perspective is the high-level perspective. Look at the situation from 10k feet and determine the best overall solution

White Hat: Think Objectively This perspective takes all of our feelings out of the equation. While emotions matter, they can often cloud our judgement and cause something to feel more complex than it actually is. Looking at just the facts and figures (black-and-white data) helps us put things into perspective.

Red Hat: Think Emotionally Like I said, emotions matter. While it can often be helpful to step back and take an objective approach, that doesn’t mean that our feelings don’t have important insights to offer.

Black Hat: Think Negatively Ok, this doesn’t mean to be pessimistic (easy as that can be!). What this perspective means is to look forward and what could go wrong. Be prepared for the possibility.

Yellow Hat: Think Positively On the flip side, you also need to be prepared for when things go well! How will you deliver if (when) that Discovery Call ends in a sale?!

Green Hat: Think Creatively This one might just be my favorite. I love looking at things from more than one angle and knowing that I have more than one path forward.

So, which of these hats to you tend to wear most often and which one do you need to try on for size?

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