3 Strategies for Setting Ambitious Business Goals

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Last week, in our first mastermind session of the year, we dove deep into the world of goal setting and picking the perfect KPIs for your business. This was our first topic because, trust me, setting the right goals is a game-changer – the too easy keeps you stagnant, and too challenging might leave you feeling defeated. So, I wanted to share some tips about setting goals to keep you engaged and motivated!

Small Wins, Big Impact: Start with small goals you can reach easily with just a little bit of extra effort, such as adding 5-10 new subscribers each week. Small goals should always increase but shouldn’t be so difficult that you end up stressed. These should be the easiest goals to meet so you feel some accomplishment at the end of the month.

Step Out of Comfort for Medium Goals: Medium goals push you out of your comfort zone. Staying in your comfort zone won’t lead to growth; instead, you’ll stay right where you are and won’t see any changes in your business. A medium goal might be scheduling podcast interviews. Not only would you get practice telling your message but you’d be exposed to a brand new audience, which could lead to new subscribers, social media followers, and clients.

Dream Big, Act Bigger: Large goals might seem like distant dreams, but remember, they’re not impossible. Break them down into manageable steps – monthly, weekly, or even daily tasks. These large goals may take years to accomplish but you’ll still be working toward those goals every single day.

Why bother with goals? Well, working without them is like a dog chasing its tail – lots of movement but going nowhere. If you’re ready for more than just a hobby business, set aside time to define your goals, break them down, and reassess regularly. That is why our second mastermind session of the season will explore going beyond SMART goal setting. I am truly looking forward to it!

Next month, our focus shifts to the crucial aspect of decision-making for entrepreneurs – and guess what -there’s always room for more! It’s never too late to be a part of these discussions. Check out the STC Mastermind page and see if the hive-mind is the right fit for you and join us for next season. 

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